The Nordic Chief Marketing Officer report

In transit or transformed?


The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is shifting. But by how much, and how quickly? Our survey investigates the scale and pace of this transition across the Nordics.

The well-known phrase “from Mad Men to math men” has been
repeated at almost every marketing conference the last ten years,
as a way of describing a transition from the ‘intuitive’ marketing
executive of the 1960s, as depicted by the character Don Draper in
the TV series Mad Men, to a more ‘tech-savvy’ professional who
engages with numbers and quantitative data analysis. A transition of
marketing executives from Mad Men to math men is taking place,
and ‘numbers’ are replacing ‘gut feeling’.

The 2017 Nordic CMO Survey is a survey of 256 CMOs in Denmark,
Finland, Norway and Sweden, to review the position of Nordic CMOs
within their organisations today. It considers whether they have now
reached the status of senior strategic executive, or whether they are
still just operational managers, responsible for campaign delivery
but not involved in the strategic development of the business. Or
whether they are still in a period of transition from operational
manager to strategic executive.

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