CFO Survey Q1 2017

5. april 2017

Optimism, but careful growth.

Tidspunkt Torsdag 13. august 2015 kl. 18.00
Sted Restaurant FIAT Kongens Nytorv 18 , 1050 København K
In the tailwind of benign macroeconomic fundamentals, CFOs are getting substantially more positive. This would naturally translate to executing growth strategies, and even aggressive growth could be on the agenda.
However, CFOs know that forecasting should include an uncertainty component. In the base case they are concerned about costs coming up, while the highly adverse scenarios include a fragmentation of the EU.
The net conclusion is that they should focus on growth, but that it should be done in a contained manner. If political risks were to subside within the next quarters we foresee companies shifting into a higher gear, but for now the mantra seem to be 'highly positive, but with some caution‘.
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